Gift Ideas for your Gamer

Allow me to share my collection of gamer gift ideas. Many of these are pretty specific to Dungeons & Dragons fans, but there are also some that could be awesome for any gamer in your life. They're sorted by category, and I try to include options for a variety of budgets so you can find something appropriate whether you're looking to spend a little or a lot.

Full Disclosure: Many of these are affiliate links, and they're marked appropriately. By starting your shopping here, you'll be contributing to Copper Dragon Games without having to spend any additional money. However, I also include items I get nothing for recommending, and I never recommend items I wouldn't purchase myself... although, to be fair, some of the items on the list I haven't purchased because I'm still saving up for them. :-D


Find the Newest D&D Book (Affiliate Link)


Bescon Complete Polyhedral Dice Set (Affiliate Link)

Cheap D&D Dice Sets (Budget Option) (Affiliate Link)

Dice from Sunshadeau Arts (Luxury Option)


Gift Certificate for Miniature Market

Pathfinder Battles Booster (Budget Option) (Affiliate Link)

Colossal Red Dragon (Luxury Option) (Affiliate Link)


Battlefield in a Box Terrain (Affiliate Link)

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated (Budget Option) (Affiliate Link)

Age of Sigmar: Warcry Starter Set (Luxury Option) (Affiliate Link)


Alignment Hoodie

Don't Hate the Flayer T-Shirt (Budget Option)

Official D&D Hoodie (Luxury Option) (Affiliate Link)

Bonus Section

Customized Card

Forgotten Crypt Coffee Mug

Foundry Virtual Tabletop

If you've made it to the bottom of the list, and you still don't see what you're looking for, check out my Recommended Products page.