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One thing every teacher has been told at some point is never to throw away curriculum, because you might need it again someday. Usually this is because there’ an underlying fear that funding will be cut and you won’ see a new set of materials for a decade or more, but there’ some logic to it. Even if the majority is outdated or subpar, there’ always something you can use later on. The problem, of course, is that we accumulate decades-old materials in personal libraries we rarely dig through. I am just now breaking a similar mentality that I’e had with RPG books. There are bits of amazingness in lots of old modules, rulebooks, and magazines that I don’ want to sell or give away. I want them on my game shelf just in case I ever need them. Like teaching materials, though, almost everything was just taking up space. A long time ago, I started saving my favorite class lessons in a binder. I eventually switched over to a folder in Google Drive, but the idea is the same: If I save the good stuff, I can throw away all the filler, and I’l save myself a lot of space. Even better, with all the best lessons in one place, I don’ have to dig through the filler to get to what I need, saving time. The same principle can be applied to RPGs. As preferences change and editions come and go, we end up with a lot of books that just sit on a shelf taking up space. They contain good ideas, but they’e mixed in with so many outdated stat blocks that we don’ bother going back to them. My advice: Cut out pages, scan them, take notes from them, whatever…but find a way to keep what’ useful and ditch the rest. Organize what’ left, and put it to use instead of letting it gather dust! #5e #adnd #adventure #advanceddungeonsanddragons #d20 #dandd #dnd #dnd5 #dnd5e #gamemaster #dungeonmaster #education #teachingwithgames #dming #DMtips #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #rpg #roleplaying #roleplayinggame #tabletoprpg via Instagram