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Lawful Evil Minotaur Fighter Description: A former war leader now living in exile, General Borvinos still insists on the use of his title even though his army was decimated years ago. Thousands of minotaur soldiers were on a fleet of ships, bound for their next conquest, when they were attacked by a trio of dragon turtles. All of the ships sank, and the general was the only known survivor, washing up on shore days later. This much of the story is well-known and confirmed by sages. Borvinos doesn’t speak of that day, and hasn’t in years. He currently serves as an advisor to the mighty Grubkindub, King of Gobnoikt, giving seasoned military advice to a pampered leader who may never have lifted a blade. He has never seriously considered returning to his people, as his greatest fear is having to face judgment for the military failure he blames entirely on himself. Memorable For: General Borvinos is tall even among minotaurs, and towers over the goblins and bugbears of King Grubkindub’s court. Despite his size, he rarely speaks above a whisper, and such a soft voice from a creature so physically intimidating is a surprise to many. Miniature: Minotaur Warrior (Mage Knight) Scenery: Fish tank decoration. #5e #adnd #d20 #dandd #dnd #dnd5 #dnd5e #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #rpg #roleplaying #roleplayinggame #tabletoprpg #roguesgallery #CopperRoguesGallery #minotaur #mageknight via Instagram