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I can’t tell you the number of times I wasted valuable class time arguing with students over things that were something silly and insignificant, especially in my few years in education. As I grew more experienced, I learned that those arguments were best saved for later or avoided altogether. The best method I found for this was establishing a routine: “If a student disagrees with one of my rules, I welcome them to challenge me with a persuasive essay.” That wasn’t something they could do on the spot, so whenever an argument over a rule would have happened, we fell back on this routine, and saved the argument for later. There tend to be a lot of rules in RPGs, and most of us don’t have all of them memorized. It can seriously bog down a session to look things up constantly. If a rules argument comes up at the table, you need to know ahead of time how you’ll respond. If you have a routine, you'll have more time for the actual game. Consider one of these options: 1) Go ahead and look it up on the spot, and just recognize that you’re wasting valuable play time. Yuck. 2) Trust the top results of a Google search. If you’re playing one of the more popular RPGs, chances are you’re not the first person to ask a particular rules question. Just Google it and use whatever pops up. You can always double check after the session. 3) Delegate the “looking it up” task to a player while the rest of the group moves on. If you were in combat, it might be appropriate to give that character a bonus action the next round (if they missed their previous action while the player was looking up a ruling). 4) Make your best judgment call, keep the game moving, and allow players to challenge your call between sessions. If your on-the-spot decision negatively impacted a character and you are proven wrong, throw some bonus xp their way (not much, mind you, but enough to make the player feel better). What do you do when this comes up? #fromteachingtothetabletop #5e #adnd #adventure #advanceddungeonsanddragons #d20 #dandd #dnd #dnd5 #dnd5e #gamemaster #dungeonmaster #education #teachingwithgames #dming #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #rpg #roleplaying #roleplayinggame #tabletoprpg via Instagram