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Maintaining the attention of the students in the room is one of the most critical challenges in teaching. If nobody’s paying attention, it won’t matter how great your material is. Catch their attention and keep it, and you’re in for a productive class period. Fail, and you’ll waste a ton of time repeating yourself or correcting their mistakes. D&D sessions can go the same way. What you do when the session begins is important. Whatever you do, grab their attention! It’ll set the tone of the session, and you’ll facepalm less often. Here are some ideas: 1. Start with a summary of the previous session. In theory, this should be great. In practice, it's often mediocre at best. If you missed the last session, it’s great, but most players are just waiting for the important stuff to happen. 2. Start each session with trivia questions. Bonus XP to the first player to shout out why an NPC from last session was important! Or what clue was discovered about the BBEG of the campaign! Not paying attention? Guess you’re not getting those bonus XP! 3. Roll for initiative! Easiest if you ended your last session with a cliffhanger, few things grab attention like a call for initiative. Get the dice rolling quickly, and get those stragglers to unpack their stuff faster. 4. Choose an adjective and challenge a player to describe something that happened during their character’s past (or downtime) that would fit that description. The adjectives themselves can be as mundane or as ridiculous as you want. This is particularly fun with players who are good at improvisation. 5. Have a bard in the party? Make that player do some work! (This one’s tongue in cheek, unless you have a player who would eat this up.) That bard’s job is to entertain, right? That bard should be responsible for extolling the party’s exploits from the previous session, in-character, in song form. That’ll get the rest of the group’s attention! #fromteachingtothetabletop #5e #adnd #adventure #advanceddungeonsanddragons #d20 #dandd #dnd #dnd5 #dnd5e #gamemaster #dungeonmaster #education #teachingwithgames #dming #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #rpg #roleplaying #roleplayinggame #tabletoprpg via Instagram